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I remember the chilling story of the tragic deaths of PC Nicola Hughes and her colleauge PC Fiona Bone in Mottram in Longdendale near Hyde unfolding, but it was a few days later I learned that Nicola was a Diggle resident.  I was shocked and so were the rest of the village.

I did not know Nicola, maybe we passed on the street some time, but nevertheless the sadness hung over the village.

Almost a year later I met Nicola’s father, Bryn Hughes, at the Saddleworth Summer Show in Uppermill.  He and his friend Rob Stapleton were there to raise funds for their marathon run at the North Pole in April 2014.  Blimey, running a marathon is hard enough, but at the North Pole it is a lot harder.


They are working extremely hard to raise money for their charities and to get fit for their epic run.  They are being supported by Greater Manchester Police and many other organisations and friends.  It is fitting that Hay Tarn can support Bryn and Rob and give just a little back to show gratitude to the policemen and policewomen who put themselves in danger to keep us safe and secure.

Well done Bryn and Rob, good luck with the training.

They are raising funds for GMP Benevolent Fund, Care of Police Survivors and Victim Support.

Bryn and Rob’s Facebook page