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I have always recommend my clients to consider storing their Wills safely and emphasise the importance of keeping it in pristine condition. There is no better place, in my opinion, than storing a Will with the National Will Safe. It is safe in their care and the chances of finding it when needed are excellent. Many clients decide to make their own arrangements and that is OK, but what if, despite taking great care, a Will is missing when the owner has passed away. Family and Executors can be frantically searching high and low, at a time when emotions are high. It could be lost in house move, it could be damaged or unscrupulous relatives could have tampered with it.

Very often without the Will, there is no alternative but to declare the estate ‘intestate’ and distribute the assets under those rules. This defeats the object of preparing a Will in the first place.

In future, all clients whose Wills are prepared by Hay Tarn, will be offered the opportunity to have their Will registered with the National Will Register, free of charge! This is not a service provided by the National Will Safe and there is no commercial connection between the two companies. However, from the client’s point of view it is an extra (free) step from Hay Tarn to ensure that the whereabouts of their Will is known and there is a great place to start looking for it if necessary. This additional service is a further example of Hay Tarn’s best Willwriting practice and professionalism.

Advantages of registering a Will at the National Will Register

  • High level of protection reducing the risk of losing a Will
  • The storage place of a registered Will is found easily and quickly by Executors and Beneficiaries 
  • Helps to avoid the consequences of Intestacy of a lost Will
  • Certificate of Registration provided to all registered Wills
  • Reassurance that the emotional investment in preparing a Will is protected
  • A free thoughtful service from a professional Willwriter who cares about his clients

Advantages of storing a Will at the National Will Safe

  • Safe secure document storage facility
  • Inexpensive and peace of mind
  • Reliable delivery service with defined audit trail to ensure unscrupulous relatives do not acquire the Will and destroy it out of spite!
  • Scanned copy of signed Will saved on secure server
  • Information cards with full details of Will storage reference provided to Executors

Many people find making a Will is difficult to think about, even harder to talk about and even harder still to actually do something about it. Hay Tarn has a reputation of reassuring clients and assisting them in this emotional ‘must do’ duty. Furthermore Hay Tarn is proud to reinforce its professional image and dedicated approach to client care with the services of the National Will Register and the National Will Safe.