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When making a Will, most people appoint a family member as their Executor. The Executor is legally responsible for sorting out the deceased’s affairs. They apply for the Grant of Probate, collect the deceased’s assets, pay outstanding debts and distribute the remaining estate.

This sounds straightforward but in many cases the Executor will need some expert help. For example, legal expertise is required to set up a child trust, a ‘right of occupation’ or discretionary trust. In addition, the Executor must submit the deceased’s tax returns and inheritance tax calculations. They may have to notify beneficiaries without knowing their contact details, or deal with emotional family disputes. It is challenging and often frustrating work.

The good news is; help is at hand. Hay Tarn is a Silver Partner with leading specialist estate administrators, Kings Court Trust. Working together we provide a service that underwrites all probate work, or any part, no matter how small, with which the Executor does not feel comfortable.

In a home visit, Hay Tarn listens to the Executors requirements and provides an immediate guaranteed fixed price for the work the Executor wants Kings Court to complete. Once appointed, Kings Court takes on the full responsibility (and liability) on behalf of the Executor. This may include a range of activities from valuing and selling property, to re-homing family pets.

Hay Tarn is the Executor’s point of contact throughout the process, but an online tracking process is also available.

Hopefully your Executors already know that they are appointed, but it will help them to know that Hay Tarn and Kings Court Trust are available to assist at any time.