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Single Will £135

Mirror Wills £235

(Addition of Property Protection Trust or Discretionary Trust £115)


Either Property & Financial Affairs OR Health and Welfare  LPA £150

Both Property & Financial Affairs AND Health & Welfare LPAs £250

Special price for couples – 2 x Property & Financial Affairs AND Health & Welfare £400

(Excludes Office of Public Registration fees)


Hay Tarn’s prices for probate work are calculated on work required on each individual case.  Hay Tarn will meet you in your own home to provide a no obligation fixed price based on the size and complexity of the estate.  Hay Tarn works with Kings Court Trust on all probate work and offers to proceed with all or any part of the work that the client is unable to complete for themselves.

Please call with your requirements and a competitive quote.


Do you have a problem with the contents of a Will?  Do you think the outcome of a Will is not what it should be?  Hay Tarn works with The Wilkes Partnership on all matters relating to Will disputes.  Whether you feel you have been dis-inherited or an Executor being challenged over a Will, it is important to understand the options available.  Contact Hay Tarn to discuss the circumstances and your available options.