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Funeral Plans


Rising cost of funerals

In the last few years the cost of funerals has risen faster than the rate of inflation.

It is estimated that in 7 years time a funeral will cost between £7,000 and £8,000.  That’s an increase of around 225% on the average cost of a funeral in 2015.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that insurance or savings will keep pace at the same rate to meet future costs.

How to side-step rising costs

The simplest way to avoid the ever increasing cost of a funeral is to purchase a funeral plan.

Funeral plans guarantee sufficient funds to cover a funeral director’s services and fees whenever the funeral takes place, whether it is next year or in thirty years time.

There are many plans available, to suit every need and budget.  Flexible payment plans include interest free payments spread over two years or a longer term at competitive interest rates.

Advantages of a Funeral Plan

Because the funeral is already paid for, there is no need for the family to find finance at a very emotional and difficult time for them.  One phone call to the plan provider ensures all the arrangements are dealt with.

Because funeral costs are paid in advance, beneficiaries will inherit more from the deceased’s estate

There are no hidden costs in a funeral plan, but if additional services are required they can be added by the family at their discretion and cost.

Plan payments are held in secure trust funds, managed by independent trustees and audited annually.

Plans are open to any choice of funeral director and can be tailor made to personal preferences and wishes.

All plans come with a guarantee of quality service from the moment you discuss funeral plans with Hay Tarn to the service provided at the time of need.

Hay Tarn’s Notebook of Funeral Wishes

In most cases the family will arrange a funeral and take responsibility to prepare the service.  Making these decisions without prior knowledge of the deceased’s preferences or wishes often leads to criticism and disagreement in attempting to ‘do the right thing’.

The Notebook of Funeral Wishes is designed to record personal wishes and requests for a person’s funeral.  The family can use the Notebook to plan a funeral with your guidance and confidence.  For more details please visit My Funeral Notes.

Please contact Hay Tarn to discuss your Funeral Plan requirements.