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Hay Tarn is not only highly focused on providing a thorough professional approach to Willwriting, Lasting Power of Attorney, Probate and other services.  


Will Storage

last-will-and-testament-955495Hay Tarn finishes each Will to a high quality professional standard deserving of such an important document.  Hay Tarn never advises a client to store their Will at home because there are too many opportunities for accidents, loss and tampering.  When the time comes to obtain the Grant of Probate, Executors are required to present the original Will to the Probate Office.  This is the one with the original signature and if it is in pristine condition, obtaining the Grant of Probate is straightforward.

However, if the Will is in a poor condition, the Probate Office is will take rigorous steps to prove its validity.

Even worse, if the Executors cannot find the Will their job becomes much harder, stressful and time consuming.  They are the ones who are responsible to find the Will.  It is possible that an earlier Will is discovered.  After rigorous attempts the Will may not found at all, meaning the estate falls into Intestacy.  The hard work in preparing a Will in the first place is completely undone, and the outcome could be completly different from the original intention..

Copies are not acceptable!

The ideal solution is store your Will in an approved secure storage facility.

Apart from safely storing the Will and keeping it in perfect condition, there is an audit trail to ensure the right people receive the Will for the right reasons at the right time.

Each Will is accessible at anytime, free of charge, but there is added peace of mind that it is held securely.

A small annual charge provides certainty that your Will is safe and sound.

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Notebook of Funeral Wishes

Funeral Wishes Notebook

This highly acclaimed Notebook is available for anyone to privately reflect and record their thoughts to inform relatives, at the appropriate time, about their preferences and choices for their own funeral.

Making decisions about a funeral can be a very emotive, and collective family decisions are made without knowing their loved one’s preferences.  Family arguments and rifts can be easily avoided by writing down wishes in the Notebook.  It can be kept private, possibly with the Will, or given to the family at any time.  Making personal decisions about preferences for a funeral service with favourite music and readings make the ceremony very personal and helps family and friends at a very difficult and sensitive time.

The Notebook is a very thoughtful and sensitive way of informing your family about your wishes and preferences.

Go to www.myfuneralnotes.co.uk for more details and to purchase your copy of the exclusive Notebook (through Pay Pal)

Cost £2.50 plus postage if required.