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Wills for Everyone

Hay Tarn WillsHay Tarn’s priority is to prepare an understandable Will that represents the client’s wishes clearly and allows their beneficiaries to enjoy an inheritance without hindrance.

All draft Wills are presented with a thorough explanation to ensure expectations are met and properly understood.  Hay Tarn always visits each client in their own home at a time convenient to them.  It is this personal service that sets Hay Tarn apart from Willwriters who do not leave their office or offer a ‘cut price’ product and service.  Inspiring each client with confidence and satisfaction is important, because anything less leads to disappointment and contention.  All clients continue to receive support to ensure their needs are constantly met.

Preparing your Will for the first time is a meaningful and decisive.  It makes certain your estate is inherited exactly as you wish.  After that, updating a Will when circumstances change, is straightforward.

What to expect from Hay Tarn when preparing your Will

Once a meeting is arranged, Hay Tarn will send a confirmation letter together with a Fact Sheet to help you prepare your Will.  There will also be two copies of a Letter of Engagement.  This is your confirmation of Hay Tarn’s comittment and explains the procedure to follow if you wish to cancel or complain.  It also represents Hay Tarn’s commitment to the Institute of Professional Willwriter’s Code of Practice and the Chartered Trading Standards Institute consumer protection policy.

At the meeting Hay Tarn will take your instructions and personal details.  Advice and solutions on a variety circumstances will be discussed as required.

Following completion of the instructions a draft Will is prepared and returned within seven days.  The draft is always accompanied with a commentary, which provides an explanation of the clauses and ensures instructions have been recorded correctly.  Once confirmation of the draft is received, an engrossed version of the Will is prepared, which is bound and printed on high quality paper.

Hay Tarn arranges a further meeting, at the client’s home, to supervise the signing and witnessing of the Will.

Payment is requested only on satisfactory completion Hay Tarn’s work.

Who should consider preparing a Will?

Young parents to appoint a Guardian and ensure Trust funds are available to look after their children.

Unmarried couples to ensure their assets, such as a house, are inherited by their partner.  It is essential to have a well prepared Will to ensure this issue is avoided.

Couples who are married for a second time and have children from their first marriage are advised to prepare Wills to ensure their children are not dis-inherited.

Clients who have just retired should take the opportunity to prepare or review their Will to ensure it meets a new set of circumstances.

Clients wanting to protect their assets, in particular their home, to ensure their chosen beneficaries inherit.

Clients in business, whether as a sole trader, in a partnership or as a director should seriously consider business succession planning to maintain the continuity of their business in the event of their death.  This is not just for the  immediate benefit of family, but employees, suppliers and customers as well.

Clients with estates attracting inheritance tax liabilities are advised to consider the various options of effective mitigation.

Clients with foreign assets should take advice on preparing Wills to ensure their beneficiaries inherit without hinderance or delay.